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Bank Fishing




  You’ll Catch More Fish– Bank On It!  

Bank fishing. Shore fishing. Fishing from piers, docks and jetties. There are so many great places to fish without a boat, and Strike Sensor® makes it so easy! Our rugged adjustable-height bank stick is perfect for soil, sand and snow, and our sturdy adjustable-height tripod works great for rock, wood and concrete. Team them up with our adjustable-tension Line Minder™ and you’ve got everything you need to catch more fish from shore.


Line Minder™ Set-Up

Sold separately, Line Minder attaches your Strike Sensor transmitter to any bank stick or rod holder. The trip arm features a built-in, adjustable-tension collar so you can set the release for light or heavy bites. Once the arm is tripped, the line pops out so you can fight the fish freely. And because Line Minder raises the transmitter above ground level, the Strike Sensor signal carries stronger and farther.


Split Shot Set-Up

You can adjust the release tension on your Strike Sensor transmitter by adding split shot to the trip key line. The more weight, the greater resistance. That’s handy if you’re fishing a lively minnow that can trip a lighter-tension rig or fishing river current situations. When you set the hook, the trip key drops off your line so you can fight the fish freely.


Paper Clip Set-Up

To rig for the ultimate light bite situation, some fishermen prefer to eliminate the trip key line and use a paper clip instead. If you choose this set-up, be sure the paper clip is positioned above a small enough rod guide to keep the paper clip from being reeled onto the spool.

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