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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying


Last day of the game fish season. It was cold and fishing was slow, but we fished all day. At 7:30 PM, I hopped in the truck to drive around to pull the tip-ups. I had just started out for the first hole when my pager went off. I looked out and saw the red light, turned and headed out there. Caught and released this dandy. What a way to end a season!
Boyd S. - Campbellsport, WI



We had been fishing all night during our annual Fisheree. Around 5am, my buddy and I were pretty beat, and relaxing in the shanty when my beeper went off. Up we jumped, hurrying to put on our coats and boots. As soon as we got outside, I spotted the red light on my Strike Sensor and landed this beauty—and first place in the Fisheree! 

Randy K. - Campbellsport, WI


"There is no better bite detector for bank fishing than Strike Sensor! It’s sensitive and easy to use. I wouldn’t dream of fishing without it!" 

Eugene M. - Kewaskum, WI

harryb.jpg "Fishing at night is no problem with Strike Sensor. The bright red light and beeper instantly showed me which tip-up had the fish." 
Harry B. - Eagle River, WI
tomb.jpg "In the cold of winter you need an edge. Strike Sensor gives you the edge to catch more fish!" 
Tom B. - Kewaskum, WI
alm.jpg "I didn’t think fishing could be any more relaxing and enjoyable until I used Strike Sensor. Now I can keep warm and relax indoors and still know the instant a fish bites!" 
Al M. - Campbellsport, WI
scottjeske.jpg I recently caught this 36" Northern using your product! 
Scott Jeske


I caught this nice Northern using Strike Sensor.

Karl B. - Campbellsport, WI



"I live on a small lake and Strike Sensor is just the thing I have been looking for. Now I don’t feel guilty by fishing all morning because I can spend equal time with the family!" 
Chuck G. - Greenville, MI
  "I have been using Strike Sensors for about 10 years. In my opinion they are the best invention for ice fishing since the power auger." 
Tom F. - Mosinee,, WI
  This is the largest northern that any of our guests have ever caught angling since we have owned the house on Star Lake. 34.25" and 11.48 lbs! 
Craig C. - Bettendorf, IA
  There are two things I will not go on the ice without, one is my Vexilar and the other is my Strike Sensors. Just love your product.. We've fished in all kinds of conditions and they keep going and going. 
Scot Miller
  I know you folks are always interested in stories that speak to the quality and value of your product....so let me tell you a story: On Christmas Day my wife, Marti, gave her son, Craig, a Strike Sensor (pager & transmitter pack) as a gift. We have an 8 X 8 heated ice fishing house directly in front of our home. Craig drilled a couple of holes outside the house and rigged the Strike Sensor on a tip-up. He sat inside the house and when ever the page went off he would run outside and check the tip-up...he caught several northern in that fashion. However, the story gets better...I'm attaching a photo of the 11.48 lb. northern he caught by this method later in the day. How about that? This is the largest northern that any of our guests have ever caught angling since we have owned the house on Star Lake. 
Sam J. - Dent, MN
  "I have been using Strike Sensor for fishing at night. They work just great for me and it’s a thrill just to hear the pager go off and look for the red light. "
Robert S. - New Berlin, WI
  "Using Strike Sensor has been great fun! When I purchased it, I had no idea it would increase my fish harvest as much as it did. Strike Sensor has been a pleasure to fish with, and I look forward to fishing with it next year." 
Lyle S. - Harris, MN
  "Many Thanks! We love your product and have a ball with it. We live on a lake and ice fish most of the winter. We set the pager in the kitchen window and when it goes off, it’s like a ‘fire drill.’ The kids and I race to jump in our boots and run to the flag. It’s a ball!" 
Brian R. - Butternut, WI
  "There’s no doubt in my mind, I catch more fish with Strike Sensor!" 
Boyd S. - Campbellsport, WI