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How It Works



How the Strike Sensor® System Works

The Strike Sensor System initial package consists of a transmitter and receiver. Rig the transmitter with your ice fishing tip-up or bank fishing set up, and carry the wireless remote receiver, or pager, with you. When a fish bites, the tripped tip-up flag or the slightest tension on the set line pulls the key on the transmitter unit, activating a powerful, silent radio signal which instantly BEEPS the pager, up to 600 feet away. You can get additional transmitters; one for each line you intend to monitor. Any number can be coded to work with one pager.

tip-up-set.jpg  tip-up-tripped-rings-2.jpg  beep-hand.jpg

Strike Sensor Works Great All Year ’Round

  • Fish from your ice fishing shelter, your vehicle, campsite or even your lake home.
  • Works with all ice fishing tip-ups, bank fishing set poles and rod holders.
  • Just one pager monitors any number of transmitters so you can fish multiple lines. 
  • Transmitter lights up for night fishing.
  • Versatile, durable and weatherproof.
  • Genuine Strike Sensor accessories are available to build your complete system.