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  • The package contains one transmitter which you can set to work with your existing pager, which is required for the system to operate. (9v battery not included)
  • Extra transmitters let you monitor multiple lines. One pager works with any number of transmitters, and you can code your system to avoid false signals from other fishermen.
  • The transmitter easily attaches to any style ice fishing tip-up with Velcro strips. (included)
  • Equipped with a bright red indicator light that activates when the unit is tripped, Strike Sensor works great at night, whether you're ice fishing, bank fishing, or fishing from docks, piers or jetties.
  • Strike Sensor's powerful, silent radio signal BEEPS your pager from up to 600 feet away!
  • Shown with the optional Line Minder™, Strike Sensor easily attaches to any style bank stick or rod holder. And since the unit is elevated, the signal carries even further!

Strike Sensor Transmitter Pack

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Product Description

Strike Sensor Transmitter pack


The Strike Sensor system consists of a pager (receiver) and transmitters. An activated transmitter beeps the pager the instant a fish strikes. Strike Sensor® is the most versatile, easy-to-use electronic fish alarm system you can buy. Ideal for ice fishing, bank fishing, shore fishing, fishing from your vehicle or even your lake home, Strike Sensor’s powerful, silent radio signal will BEEP your pocket-sized pager from up to 600 feet away.

One Strike Sensor pager can monitor any number of transmitters so you'll want to add several to monitor multiple lines or tip-ups. A perfect system for night fishing because each transmitter features a bright red indicator light that activates the instant a fish bites, so even in the dark, you’ll know which line has been tripped—so you'll NEVER MISS ANOTHER STRIKE!™

This pack contains one transmitter which must be paired with a Strike Sensor pager (receiver) to complete the system. Transmitters can be coded to prevent false alarms from other fishermen’s systems. Each is powered with one 9 volt alkaline battery.

These transmitters are an add-on to your existing Strike Sensor system manufactured after 2001 (identified by a yellow logo). Not compatible with earlier versions.

Note: New pager units (receivers) are no longer available.



Product Reviews

  1. Transmitters

    Posted by Dan Herritz on 20th Feb 2018

    Bought 5 extra transmitters so I have enough for both my wife's and my tip-ups. Love em.

  2. best way to keep an eye on your lines

    Posted by Steven Barthelemy on 14th Feb 2018

    I just purchased 2 more transmitters to go along with the original 4 that my wife gave me for Xmas in 2015. Have used them every time I go out fishing, so much better than a rattle reel. i have been in my buddy's house eating fish we caught when my alarm went off and I ran to my house, caught a 18.5 walleye and then went back and finished my walleye dinner with friends. Love the Strike Sensor.

  3. Good range and easy setup

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2017

    I've had strike sensors for a couple of years now and use them a lot in the spring. They have worked well and have had no trouble until this year when one of my transmitters would not work any more. I attempted to take it apart and everything looked good except it didn't work. A few weeks later the same thing happened to the other sensor. I've had them a few years and they have been subject to rain, snow, and water running down the hole, but have never been submerged. I ordered two more and this time whenever it is humid out or rain or snow, I am going to put them in a bag of rice to keep them dry inside as well as outside. The range on mine is outstanding. I went to the mail one day and the beeper went off at least 100 yards away. I have had no trouble with the receiver. I am somewhat deaf so I do have a hard time hearing the high pitched beep

  4. pretty good

    Posted by tom on 7th Mar 2017

    Had to replace 2 of 6 this year after 3 yrs. One quit transmitting the other bad switch. A couple keys also kept sticking in the transmitters which made it so the flag wouldn't come up. Frustrating to pay 30 bucks to not work but actually be worse than if I didn't have them at all cause it held the flag down. When they work they are pretty good.

  5. Had to replace 2 of these this year

    Posted by Tom on 6th Mar 2017

    These have been fairly effective for ice fishing but had to replace 2 this year. One quit transmitting the other switch failed. There has been problems also when it gets VERY cold the keys froze in the slots and held the flags down. Needs to upgrade to communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth

  6. Awesome product but very poor quality

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2017

    I've order this transmitter 2 times and both times the product failed as the alarm won't sound when the key is pulled. I will need to order another replacement. Great product when working.

  7. bought it for my husband

    Posted by kayla on 14th Dec 2016

    Last year for christmas (2015) I bought 3 transmitters, along with the case, and a pager. My husband loves ice fishing so I knew it would be perfect for him! And he loved them they work great! He was even aloud to use them for a fishing tournament and he was in first place the whole time until the last 20 minutes! He was impressed. So this year for christmas (2016) he has 3 more sitting under the tree! Just in time for ice fishing!

  8. best ever

    Posted by Lee Ecker on 7th Mar 2014

    I love these things, work great. I never miss a flag now. can't wait to try the bank pole set up.

  9. excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2014

    Purchased pager and 3 transmitters 20 years ago, recently broke antennae off of 1 of them. Purchased replacement. They work so well, once you use them- you wont miss as many fish.

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